Jessica Wager

About "Unseen Faces"

The artist states that "my photographs of the people of Hazard, Ky., Rockbridge County, Va., New York, New York and the truckers of Ruther Glen, Va. are straightforward and simple portraits of the most honest and unrestrained individuals I have ever met. With this work I am striving to communicate that impression and to make apparent that with each photograph I am documenting a shared emotional connection between the photographer and the subject. All of my subjects most graciously allow me into their thoughts, and each portrait is representative of this exchange of emotional investment. In addition, I am trying to convey how each person's environment has shaped them and how it continues to consciously imbed itself in their thoughts, mannerisms and social relations."

All three photographic series were created within the last year and a half. The Rockbridge Co., Va. and New York, New York series was constructed for an internship and independent study research project to show the contrast between rural Rockbridge inhabitants and urban New York homeless. The Hazard, Ky. Appalachian series was a product of an internship with Shelby Lee Adams where the artist accompanied him as an assistant on a two week expedition through the mountains of Kentucky. The Ruther Glen trucker series is a result of a year and a half long occupation at the Petro off I-95 in Ruther Glen, Va.; it is an ongoing series.

This series is currently being shown in the Williams Gallery at Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA. (